Course Catalog: Advanced Piercing

The Advanced Piercing Workshop is designed for experienced piercers who have completed the Basic or Comprehensive course, are thoroughly familiar and comfortable with the techniques learned at the Fakir Intensives, and have at least one year of significant body piercing experience. Advanced students are encouraged to participate in discussions and contribute personal knowledge to the class. The workshop is limited to twelve students, and prior attendance at a Fakir workshop is mandatory—no exceptions.

The course includes supervised student piercings which require a current Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) training certificate (course minimum of two hours—which we recommend students obtain from the APP website) and a California piercer registration, which we will obtain for you as part of the enrollment process if necessary.

Subject Matter Covered:

The Advanced Course emphasizes shamanic and ritualistic piercing with focus on the unseen forces that affect piercers and piercees—attributes frequently forgotten in the mainstream piercing culture. The course incorporates seminar style instruction and includes such subjects as: Shamanic Body Piercing (The Electro-Vibratory Body, Subtile Energies, Chakras and Orifices Related to Piercings, Making Ritual); Psychological Aspects of Body Piercing (Client Reaction/Manipulation); In-depth Piercing Anatomy (Skin: Structure & Healing, Scar/Keloid Issues); Health & Safety Issues and Updates; Laws & Regulations; Detailed discussion of Piercing Materials, Techniques & Jewelry; Advanced Techniques for all 24 Basic Piercings and techniques for more than 20 additional Advanced Piercings including: Ear Projects & Orbits, Daith, Forward Helix, Philtrum, High Nostril, Cheek, Surface Piercings and Surface Anchors, Fourchette, Triangle, Apadravya, and Dydoe. Workshop also includes basic instruction/techniques for hook pulls, rituals, and suspensions.

Students receive a workbook featuring many updates, detailed technique sheets, health & safety guidelines and a certificate of attendance. Attendees at Fakir Workshops receive the best instruction currently available to do highly skilled and sophisticated body piercing.

Next Advanced Piercing Course is:

January 2025

Advanced classes are offered through email to our alumni group. Former graduates can confirm access here.

Email Us! if you have any questions or need an invite to the above group.

Be sure you have received our confirmation before making plans to attend!

Photos from Class:

photo taken in advanced piercing class
photo from advanced piercing class

All workshops are currently held in our San Francisco SOMA classroom location.

You must be at least 18 years old to enroll.