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Course Catalog - Basic Piercing

The Basic Course is designed for those who are familiar with body piercing and have plans to enter the body piercing field to apprentice or become a competent "hobbyist." We do not require previous piercing experience for enrollment. Students should possess a keen interest in the craft of body piercing, experience through personal piercings, a desire to develop and hone a body piercing skillset, and plans to practice piercing on a regular basis. Our Basic Intensive consists of 40 class-hours of instruction and practice (which take place on a Wednesday through Sunday). The course includes supervised student piercings and requires a current Blodborne Pathogens (BBP) training certificate, which we strongly recommend students obtain from the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) website in advance of their week in San Francisco.

SUBJECT MATTER COVERED: Body Piercing as a Sacred Act, Art & Minor Surgical Procedure; Brief History & Traditions; Relevant Human Anatomy & Physiology; Bedside Manner; Breathing for Pain Control; Jewelry; Tools & Disposables; Piercing Fundamentals; Piercing Aesthetics (Marking & Placement); Health & Safety (Principles & Practices); Techniques for 24 Body Piercings; Piercing Aftercare. During the final sessions, each student is required to do at least two piercings under tight supervision of an instructor.

Students receive a detailed set of Technique Sheets, Workbook, Health & Safety Manual and Certificate of Attendance. Attendees at Fakir Intensives receive the best instruction currently available to do highly skilled and sophisticated body piercing.

Our next Basic Piercing Courses are:
November 15-19, 2017,
February 7-11, 2018,
June 13-17, 2018

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Student from 2011 Basic Piercing Class Student from 2011 Basic Piercing Class

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