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BodyPlay Online is coming soon. Fakir's blog will provide free information on body modification practices, techniques and the unusual people who do unusual things with their body. For examples, click here.

Fakir's GenderFlex Photo Exhibits

Color portraits of those who feel out-of-place on either end of the gender spectrum and have found a more comfortable place in the middle or opposite end. This exhibit was well received during the National Queer Arts Festival in June 2009. It is special because the subjects are true gender benders and personal friends of Fakir, M2F and F2M. Each subject has their own special story. This 28-image exhibit is available for galleries and other spaces. Archival digital color prints are also available directly from Fakir. Email:

Black Widow
Fight Club
Farm Boy
Middle Man

Please click on the following links to see more photos from the GenderFlex Exhibit: M2F || F2M.
Please click here to see photos from the Opening Reception at Femina Potens Gallery.

Erotic Embrace of the Corset

Fakir's fine art photography from 1958 to 2008. A selection of twenty two images of extreme body modification. Figures trained with tightly laced corsets designed and mostly made by Fakir in his early vocation as the 'Ol Corsetier of Hourglass Company. These images were first shown in the CINCH exhibit at Femina Potens Gallery in San Francisco, February 2009.

Fakir's images of extreme body modification with tight corsets are available for galleries and other spaces that are interested in a unique, eye catching photo exhibit. Up coming exhibits will be announced on this page. Archival digital prints are also available directly from Email your desires to


 Hourglass Exposed  17 Inches     Breathless

Click on the photos above to view a larger version of each image.
Please click here to see photos from the Cinch Exhibit Opening.